Group mobility experiences

Apprentices' from France

Nova Talent occasionally receives also larger groups at a time. In group mobility, getting to know the local culture plays an important role together with getting to know Finnish working life. For many interns from Central or Southern Europe, winter in Finland can also be a cultural experience.

In February, a group of French apprentices' from different professions visited Finland with their teacher Stephanie. During the their period in Finland, they experienced the Finnish winter, the local atmosphere at the ice hockey match and were coping with a local transport strike. All challenges were overcome and they returned home with many new experiences in their backpack.

Fig. The group in a ice hockey match

The feedback Nova Talent received from the local companies after the work placement period was very positive:

"The trainee adapted well to the work community. He did all the tasks assigned and was very self-motivated. The trainee was skilled in his work and it was nice to have him to show us French way of doing. The trainee was friendly, initiative, hard working and professional. This impressed also the management of the company."

Fig. In February we have a bun season in Finland (Shrove or Pancake Tuesday)

Fig. Tutor and trainee in the work shop

Fig. The atmosphere in  the end of the internship period